Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Association 
established 1868
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PMBA Church Events
Moderator Gregory Thomas is the administrator of this site, which is the property of the Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Association. All suggestions about the site from members are welcomed. 
PMBA Church Events Page is now Live and Membership churches may send Church events to Rev. Thomas, at 2 Thomas Lane Metter, GA or E-Mail to: thomamin@live.com, You can Text it in to 912-678-1256. 
This is a free service to all PMBA Churches.  

 ​From PMBA Moderator P. M. Broomfield
  1. Church Registration - Please complete a church registration form;
 2. Partnership Pledges - please fulfill or make a pledge of $100 for this year;
 3. Pastors - Please register your Church and send delegates to each Convention and Session: Anniversary $100....Annual Session at least $100.....Revival $25 

PMBA 2016 Annual Calendar
Saturday      10th        9:00 AM        Congress Workshop
Mon & Tue    12th         7:00 PM        Consecration Reviival    $25 
Saturday       30th       10:00 AM       Adjourn Session
Saturday        13th        9:00 AM       Congress Workshop
Saturday       27th        10:00 AM       Black History             $25
Saturday       12th        9:00 AM        Congress Workshop
Saturday       19th        9:00 AM       PMBA Women Conference $10
Saturday       9th          6:00 PM      Congress Banquet   Tickets $20
Saturday        7th           9:00 AM      May Day Festival
Saturday        21st         9:00 AM  Superintendent & Teachers MTG at PMBA
Tues-Wed      23rd-25th 7:00 PM     Anniversary Revival
Saturday         28th          9:00 AM     Moderator’s Meeting
Sunday          29th          9:00 AM      Anniversary                $100 
Mon-Fri          6th-17th   9:00 AM      Youth Summer Camp
Saturday       11th         9:00 AM        Executive Board-Women
Saturday        18th        9:00 AM      Youth Convention
Fri-Sat           15-16       9:00 AM     SS & BTU Congress$10
Saturday         30th          9:00 AM       Moderator’s Meeting
Sunday           31st          9:00              District District Meeting


Fri-Sat           2nd-3rd       9:00 AM     PMBA Women’s Convention $10
Mon-Fri        5th-9th         TBA        National Baptist Convention  
$400 Church Registration               Kansas City, MO
Thur-Sat     SEPT29th-OCT 1    9:00 AM  PMBA Annual Session
Saturday       29th             9:00 AM       Moderator’s Meeting
Sunday         30th             9:00 AM       District District Meeting
Saturday      12th              9:00 AM  Congress Workshop
Monday      21st              7:00 PM  Thanksgiving Revival
Saturday     3rd                4:00PM     Christmas Banquet
Saturday   10th              9:00 AM   Congress Workshop
Thursday   15th            10:00 AM   Senior Citizen’s Appreciation
January 2017
Saturday     7th                9:00 AM      Congress Workshop
Saturday     21st               9:00 AM     Moderator's Meeting
Tuesday      24th              7:00 PM      Consecration Revival
Saturday      28th              10:00 AM    Adjourned Session
Sunday        29th               9:00 AM     District Meeting